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Less Seoul more Bali

This May, historically a slow month for the hotel I was able stretch my legs again and went along with Willemijn in visiting a few (but fewer than planned..) neighboring countries. Unfortunately it’s a bit off a show off blog post this, but that’s really only to do justice to the finer things in life,

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Steaming on

The reminder comes daily, 14+ months I have passed here, and regularly, guests who identify themselves with me ask me how long I have been here. Confusion enters when the answer comes and their initial thought of hotel trainee passes. Curiosity takes over and I have to formulate how I am enjoying, it must be

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Primary needs answered at bargain prices

Vietnam Quite a large country of which I still have little understanding other than a city experience and a flash of countryside. Together with San, with whom I go back since diaper time, we explored Ho Chi Minh City, more popular known as Saigon and traveled by bus to the capital and temple city of

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Balancing act, Hong Kong and beyond

Reporting on my (second) last trip has been a bit delayed due to a continuous intensity of fun and interesting activities at work, could not sufficiently respond to private emails also, sorry for that. Makes me feel guilty not to allocate enough private time, room for a promise to myself: have to seek for more

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A New Home

With my 2 month Langkawi virginity broken, I can start to report on the island life. Evidently it does evolve around my work which at first looks pretty similar. My days have been as long as they have been before, however my responsibilities grew, which in a way is a vicious circle towards a 24/7

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From sand to sea

February 12, Abu Dhabi, the past few months have been quite a thrill. A trail through South East Asia, with a return to Abu Dhabi which made great progress during the harsh summer in becoming more developed by the month and then two subsequent trips to Europe which decided to pull of an old-fashioned proper

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Trolleydragging South-East Asia

October & November are looking to be quite interesting on my hand. October was kicked off with my first-time budget review meeting, basically a financial game of chess between the hotel management, Starwood regional office and some further in the process, the owning company. The process towards it and the eventual climax of the meeting,

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A Stormy Winter

I guess at some point there is always an inevitable silence in my blogs. Good news, it’s broken! I do however have some catching up to do. I genuinely don’t like chronological posts that much, but when recapping a 4 months gap…anyhow, please bare with me while I pull you through winter 2008. It basically

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Admittedly, it is a while since the last post. Thing is, I don’t even have enough time to live my life, let alone write about it. Not that I don’t have anything to share, on the contrary. I had an amazing trip to the UK and the Netherlands in February, Barbara visiting me in March,

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Underwater theme VS Understated design

While frequently nozzing off as of my 3 hour sleep after my Night-auditor shift yesterday, I thought it would be nice to reflect on two hotels I recently visited. Both hotels take 5*+ Hotelling to a new level but interestingly they took a totally different route. First in line the dependence of the renowned Bahama’s

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Fujairah, Dubai, Happy New Year!

Festive season in Middle-East does push your comfort-zone to new extends. I mean, most of you will be experiencing temperatures which most locals not consider human. I overheard one complaining about the temperature, while lying at a resort pool, holding a frozen-margarita on the 5th of December! Obviously this weather is not all bad, but

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UAE National Day

Annually on December the 2nd, we, UAE citizens like to celebrate our independence. This year 37 years ago we were fully freed from those British bastards. Only then our name as United Arab Emirates was established. Before 1971 we were known as The Trucial States and even before that nobody really cared how these 57

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Hospitality Management Traineeships

There are many ways of commencing your career. A full-time employment after you graduate seems to be the most straight forward one but not for everyone the most appealing. Times are changing, the pressure for security and supporting your family as an immediate career objective is not so present anymore. In the early years of

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Lulu Island

So Lulu Island, just look at some of the photographs (bottom) and you’ll understand some of the experience offered, which is happily enjoyed by me & company. Lulu Island itself is located just opposite the coastline of Abu Dhabi and is therefore the perfect place to capture the Abu Dhabi skyline. It offers tranquility and

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Ramadan Kareem!

What to do, what to do? A question which is on the mind of the majority of non-fasting inhabitants of Abu Dhabi when Ramadan falls. Everything is closed from about 1 pm till 8 pm, and don’t think they let you go outside to enjoy yourself either. The sea as the major source of leisure

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Flairtending, Zenith, Dubai, eh?

I might have mentioned it previously, but our nightclub, Zenith, has some truly amazing staff. No I’m not talking about the very friendly Filipino waitresses, not even the most accommodating bouncers, no this weekend was all about our bartenders, excuse me, flairtenders. Some of them are hilariously good, never thought that anyone was able to

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Enjoying chronologically in black & white

I feel it’s time to give you a more thorough update than I have done in the past days. So I docked my iPhone and started selecting some pictures made during a couple of events in the past few days. You don’t really buy a iPhone for it’s amazing image quality so have I, again,

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Fighting off the heat

Actually escaping from the unimaginable heat is something in which I became an expert during this first month. This highly necessary skill requires you to become a ridiculously addicted workaholic, thats all, nothing fancy. It then involves you to move from your climate controlled residence to your air-conditioned workspace in this also air-conditioned cab. Just

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Getting the hang of it…

Wow where to start? I just spent a week in this city and there is so much to share. This week has been very intense. It certainly gave me so much joy, in short: I love it! So to start with, why? Well life here is actually pretty good, a high standard of living seems

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Exploring Abu Dhabi

Well, now a full day from my arrival in Abu Dhabi, I’m ready to give some impressions of my Abu Dhabi adventure. Sure enough there are the obvious things, to start with, the weather, cause o-my-god this is just crazy. During the day it’s like a man sized hairdryer is pointed at you the whole

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Something new, Abu Dhabi

As of now, I will be engaged in a hopefully very educative, interesting and exiting Management Traineeship for Starwood Hotels & Resorts. I will be spending the next 1,5 years in Abu Dhabi for my employment at The Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort. Probably a big adventure, but definitely a challenge that I’m very

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Prince Willem!

Een paar weekenden geleden inmiddels had ik het privilege om een huisgenoot uit Rotterdam, Willem te ontvangen. Ik heb hem tijdens zijn korte verblijf hier zoveel mogelijk mijn dingen van Londen laten zien, maar eigenwijs als hij is, is hij ook op z’n eigen houtje van dit plan afgeweken. Wat ik hem hopelijk heb kunnen

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Marie Brizard cocktail competition

In londen zijn cocktails nogal een big thing. Misschien wel omdat Britse wijn niet te nachelen is en het maken van interessante distilaten aan de noorderburen wordt overgelaten. In Londen zijn dan ook talloze cocktailbars te vinden. Een beetje goede coctailbar staat dan ook hoog in aanzien en het betreffende barpersoneel wordt zo’n beetje verafgod.

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Brighton & San

Het is weer even geleden dat ik wat van me heb laten horen, maar ze hebben me nu dan toch echt zover gekregen dat ik kan zeggen dat ik het druk heb. nee! Ja! Na het vertrek van de Restaurant manager was alleen Raquel, een Spaanse dame van rond de 30, als supervisor overgebleven, zij

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Om de kritiek van Sebas van me af te schudden zal ik nog wat achtergebleven foto’s van Greenwich plaatsen. Iedereen moet wel bekend zijn met Greenwich, de plek waar we met z’n allen hebben afgesproken dat wanneer daar de zon op z’n hoogste puntje staat, het écht 12 uur is. Dat klinkt niet echt spannend

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Canary Wharf

Ja ik leef nog! Het is fijn om te merken dat mijn berichtjes op prijs gesteld worden, want ik heb nog nooit zoveel contact met jullie gehad dan nu wanneer ik blijkbaar niet genoeg van me laat horen.. Goed, Canary Wharf, daar was ik dus een tijdje terug op een trip met een huisgenootje, Emma.

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De Tube

De Tube is de naam die de Londenaren aan hun metro hebben gegeven. De tunnelbuizen zijn rond en op een goede dag bedacht iemand, of hoe dat dan ook gaat, dat die wel erg veel op een tube leken, aldus; De Tube. Als je door Londen loopt zou je toch wel denken dat zij aan

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M’n eerste werkweek zit er inmiddels op dus ik kan inmiddels wel wat indrukken geven van m’n stage. De zes maanden stage hebben we ingedeeld in 3 periode’s. Deze periode’s zijn dan weer in 2 onderdelen onderverdeeld. M’n stage is dus in 6 stukken gehakt. De eerste 2 maanden werk in Citrus, het restaurant van

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Motcomb Street Party

Woensdagavond was ik vrij en m’n huisgenootje Evelien vroeg of ik mee ging naar de Motcomb street party. Mijn idee daarvan dat, dat tussen de spelende kinderen een biertje drinken werd kwam niet geheel uit. Ten eerste is de allure van zo’n feest voor het grootste deel afhankelijk van de buurt waarin de straat ligt.

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1e Weekend

M’n eerste weekend in Londen zit erop en was top. Ik heb de zaterdag gebruikt om Westminster te ontdekken. Dit deel van Londen is echt fantastisch, ambassades als palijzen en hotels gevestigd in fenomenale monumentale panden. De sfeer die Westminster uitstraalt is echt indrukwekkend en majestueus. Het weer was ook lekker Londens, veel regen dus.

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Gisteren ben ik na een turbulent vluchtje in Londen aangekomen. Gebukt onder kilo’s handbagage, keek ik, beetje duf nog van de reis, om me heen bij het verlaten van de tube. Nadat ik de richting had uitgekozen waarin ik het hotel verwachte begon ik me eigenlijk toch wel af te vragen waarom er zoveel politie

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